Another cool bird shows up at the house!


Well it has definitely been an exciting week here at the house. First the Varied Thrush shows up this summer and now an adult-breeding Rose-Breasted Grosbeak shows up. Yesterday I was playing PC games and my mom starts waving at me to come over to the office. When I did she pointed out at the feeder where he was just sitting on the corner eating. We both looked at each other with the expression, “of what is this?” He was nice enough to stay around a while so that I could id him, mom was still on the phone. He is quite the tenacious little guy fighting off the Steller Jays and Clark’s Nutcracker, and keeping his spot on the feeder. Of course this whole time I’m hitting myself because I don’t have the 600 setup. Lucky enough he came back a few times last night, last seeing him around 6. Never got a good shot, so i was hoping he’d be back today. Waking up to that notion, i came up stairs and mom had said that she had seen him already, so it looked promising to get a better shot. Around 12 he showed up again and continued to stay until about 6. Of course he never went to the spot I wanted, but he did pose much better than yesterday. With some more time and black oiled sunflower seeds, I hope to get some better images.

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