The weekend must end


After a marvelous day driving down and a lovely stay at his grandparents house, Tyler and myself were looking forward to the next day. Saturday we went out hoping to find some critters. The skies were overcast and it was slightly raining, so anything would’ve been nice. Unfortunately we only saw one Moose cow out at Oxbow Bend.


The way back home we went along Antelope Flats Road, and at the time hoping for some Antelope or Bison. In the final two mile stretch of the road we saw hundreds of Bison crossing the road and even a few butting heads together. There was also  a few that scratched there head with their hind legs.


We left Sunday having to go back to school. Along the way back we saw the usual Elk, Bison and Pronghorn, but we also saw a Coyote pack taking on a group of Antelope which was fun to watch and one wolf in Yellowstone. The trip was fun and even though we didn’t see nearly as much wildlife as we wanted too, the short weekend adventure was killer.

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