Second day of fun


After Saturday’s fun with the hoarfrost in the morning and the Bison in the river (as seen below),  Sunday was greatly looked forward too.



Sunday began with four big male Bison by the river munching on the grasses. A classic Yellowstone scene, the Bison, the river and the steam. It was a great cold morning. I must have had a mental block or taken a stupid pile because that whole day I couldn’t seem to take any good images, which is kinda a bummer. The day ended with a ride out to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone which is truly spectacular.


It was an end to a great day with great anticipation for the next. Stay tuned for one more day of rap up from this past weekend’s safari, but if your looking for more excitement and the current days beauty you can go to my Dad’s site for all the latest details.

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