Junkyard Salvage


It’s funny the things that pop into our heads. Sometimes quotes from ridiculous movies about blowup pilots or embarrassing things that our bodies due at high elevation. This past Friday i was sitting on my butt, one of my favorite past times, and i was trying to decide where to go out shooting this weekend. Then all of a sudden, Junkyard! It just sounded like fun. Here in Montana we have a few very nice junkyards one right outside of town.


The weather was beautiful for just the morning, afterwords the clouds came rolling in as they so often do, but not before i got my shots. When i got back to my computer i started playing and having fun messing around. The great thing about junkyards is you can do anything to the subjects, I got artsy fartsy, luckily not that fartsy these rooms aren’t ventilated well. Anyways….

Images captured with D2HS, 17-55 AF-S Zoom, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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