New alleys in old towns


This morning i awoke to skies filled with dark clouds and the potential for snow, hurray! But alas the skies cleared and no snow came, boooo! There was of course a silver lining, I was able to go out to one of the local spots that is great for shooting here in old Bozeman. The light was great and the subjects were not moving, always a plus. I played around with patterns and color, and nothing like the door of an old barn to do that with.


What fun is it to play with color then to play with lack of color? Black and White is always fun with those lovely decrepide old buildings. It amazes me still how something as simple as getting closer can drastically change the image. For instance this building above and the tree below. Same door and same tree, different perspectives.


This door reminds of some scary movie where you walk by and the door creaks open and the wind gives a slight cold breeze across your face. You hear a noise but you don’t know where it came from, so you decide to go into the door to see if the noise came from inside but you don’t want to go all the way in. The darkness creeps up all around you and your throat kind of closes tightly. You go in and then boom!….. a hand grabs your shoulder and you can’t get free. It forces you into that absolute darkness as the door creaks shut behind you. Lol good times, gooood times.

Images captured with D70, 17-55 AF-S Zoom, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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