New fun at home


For years my Dad has been working with the Greater Sage Grouse in the Eastern Sierra’s, and this past week was my first chance to do the same. I have seen his images and heard the stories he has come up with and wondered if i would ever get my chance. These birds are just too cool to not photograph them. Unfortunately their numbers are few here in the Sierra’s making them harder to view, which is sad. Over my break here at home, which i finish tomorrow by making my way back to Bozeman, we watched the leks that they are on for a very short period of time.


We only had one day of actual shooting of the birds. We tried this morning but the wind was against us not only making us cold but made the grouse stay bunkered down as well. It worked out just fine. We both got some shooting in and best of all i got some important information for trying to find grouse up in Montana, for which there are lots if they can be found.

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