Prairie Dog Town


Well it’s spring again and that means all those lovely little critters are coming out. One of the few critters that can be found not too far from Bozeman are these guys, the Black Tailed Prairie Dogs. It is a rather small state park right nest to the highway but it has a large number of Prairie dogs in it, which make for some fun. The trick with these guys is you have to wait to approach them. They talk to one another a lot and until they stop talking you can’t get close to them. Once they stop you can slowly move forward while watching them, if they go back to their burrows most likely cuz they saw you.


Fortunately once they stop talking, they go back to eating and being cute which is really the point in photographing them is because of those cute antics that they do, like the wave. This particular youngster was quite cooperative as i inched my way closer and closer to him.

Images captures with D2Hs, 600f4, TC-14E, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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