Details of the past


As i said in the last post, the details can be seen much better when the paint is wet. Finding these little details is important because they can tell a very different story then what the whole car would. If there was no snow and it was a clear and sunny day then i would not have been able to find any of that detail.


The hood ornament is a testament of the car. It signifies what that car is. I have seen this ornament many times but could never find the right shot. Something about the background always seemed wrong in every image i have taken before this. To me this image still is not correct but it is better without that background detail.


I just liked the way the snow wrapped around the light in this image, making it seem like the hood is having an avalanche and all that snow is falling down the grill. The light is the only thing keeping the hood in sight afterward.

Images captured with D2Hs,  17-55, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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