Road trip down to the Badlands


This morning we awoke at a lovely 3am. That’s right we woke up a long time before any person ever really wants to, but it was necessary in order to get to Badlands before sunrise. Sunrise was spectacular or at least as much as i saw of it. As much as i tried my eyes wouldn’t stay open and thus i slept through sunrise. Heck i’m writing this blog right now and my eyes wanna close. Well after the hour of lovely color we went up the road and saw the first Bighorn sheep of the day. They didn’t stick around so we did what any photographer does, went and got food. We came back after breakfast and there they were four Ewes and two lambs.


These guys were so incredibly cute. They were like any newborn, explorative. They climbed the walls of the canyon and hopped from one rock to another. They even played with each other a little bit. We spent three and a half hours photogrpahing the interactions between the moms and the kids. It’s a rare thing to find lambs so cooperative, so to get so much time with them is a real treat.

Images captures with D2Hs, 600f4, TC-14,on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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