Swallows of Mono Lake


These past two weeks have been very enjoyable. Doing pretty much nothing always feels good after a long duration of travels. Had some great trips in there, but I’m lad to get a break. This past week Dad had another person come in for private tutoring, which means some fun with the birdies. What better place then down at Mono Lake where the Violet-green Swallow’s are everywhere, along with some other not rare birds but definitely harder to photograph birds such as the Sage Thrasher.


One of the great things about photographing swallows at Mono is there are so many opportunities. Another great thing is the backgrounds. The tufa provides a very nice and clean background when the swallow lands in the right spot. Although they might be the same species of bird, the variances in the background create a wide range of different shots. These two images are good examples of just that, along with the post i did about a month ago on the swallows we photographed during another pt. Both have tufa for perches and background. The differences in light and coloration of the rock makes for great images.


The swallows are a lot of fun to play with and when we were done with them another little fellow came out to play. A Sage Thrasher showed up for a few minutes but that was long enough to gat a couple nice shots. I didn’t feel like posting any of those shots though. This weekend is the foruth of July which means good food, friends and some more fun.

Images captured with D3, 600f4, TC-14E, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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