Morning at the Beach pt.2


The sparrows weren’t the only guys fluttering around the bushes that we were interested in. Since the beginning of the summer the two of us were trying to find the Sage Thrasher to photograph. We knew they were at Mono Lake and delighted in torturing us with being seen but unable to shoot. The two males and female decided to cooperate today and we finally managed to get a decent shot.


This one bird posed for us in the one spot where we actually had a decent background and light to work with. It posed for us for about 2 mins and then flew off with the other thrashers. For the those two mins though, we were able to get a couple nice clicks off. Somehow this shot with the sage, which is about 3/4 of the image, just seems to fit this bird better then if it were a portrait or a clean shot. Green always does make birds look good.

Images captured with D3, 600f4, TC-14e, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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