Light shows kick off the first week


One of the things i like most about Bozeman is the bizarre weather we get. Since we are situated in between mountain ranges, and i mean mountains are in every direction, the weather tends to stick around in weird places. This is the only place that i can think of that can be raining, cloudy, sunny, snowing and lightning at the same time. Now there wasn’t any snow yet, and the lightning was moving west, so we had to make due with the other stuff. This past Monday i went out in search of the lightning. Unfortunately it was far away and i couldn’t get there in time, but i made do. One of my biggest challenges around here is finding places nearby to shoot, especially sunset.


I went up the road, which is actually going south but it seems up, and found a nice road to stop on and pull the glass out. With Dad’s help I’m slowly getting better at landscapes. He keeps saying to eliminate the ground to give a more dramatic shot. It’s a pretty good idea and works great around here because the buildings get in the way. Well i played around with what he said along with just goofiness and got a couple nice shots. I got some more coming up tomorrow but are going to be a little different then these, so stay tuned.

Images captured with D3, 70-300 AF-Svr, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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