Final showdown at the Elkhorn


One of my goals over this next school year here in Montana is too get more proficient with my landscape work. As you might have noticed i haven’t been shooting much wildlife these past couple of weeks. Well my luck ain’t too great right now with finding places to shoot. I keep exploring, trying to find new places that are close by, most of the time unsuccessful. Fall bird migration is slowly starting and that is on my mind a lot right now as far as locals go. Until then though you’re just gonna have to suffer with my landscapes.


These shots were taken ontop of the mountains to the east of the town, right next to the cemetary. It overlooked most of the nearby area including the town. Much to my dismay the cloud bank to the west sucked the light away before any great color arose above me. The skies ended up being a little mild but still interesting.

Images captured with D2Hs, 17-55, on lexar UDMA Digital Film

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