Ahhh Fall in Montana


It’s October now and that means that it’s fall. The leaves are changing, temperature is dropping and snow is on the way. O it’s a glorious time to be up here in Montana with the lovely changes happening around town. Or is it? Wait is that, it couldn’t be, not yet, darn!


Yep it’s SNOWING! I love the snow fun to play with and in. Can’t get much better. But come on, from Summer to Winter in 1 week, that’s just not fair. It’s not supposed to be this white yet, orange can’t disappear that quickly it’s not right. Not that I’m complaining about the snow it’s just i wanted a shot at the fall color, and now it’s covered up. Looking out the window right now all i see is white, that and the one tree that is close enough to see. This hole setup reminds me of that memorable Monty Python line,” A year passed. Winter changed into Spring. Spring changed into Summer. Summer changed into Winter. And Winter gave Spring and Summer a miss and went Straight into Autumn. Until one day…”

Images captured with D2Hs, 17-55, 70-300AF-Svr, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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