Looking up and out


I’m still in the mood to post pretty landscapes of trees and color or lack of color. As i said in my last post there isn’t much fall color around Bozeman, which means it takes some looking to find some. Well i did and i was playing around with the two images and thought the B&W versions were kinda interesting. The problem with Aspens in fall color is that everyone has done that shot, looking up the leafs and looking through the trunks. But this is not a bad thing because it makes us work harder to find unique shots. Are mine that unique, meh, it’s something to play with really.


Right now there are a lot of HDR shots of tree trunks and forests floating around. It’s a cool technique to use to capture all the stops of light in a forest, but remembering some of the words of my Dad has said to me, the simplest solution is usually the best one, i feel that a straight shot works just as well. Of course those words are actually a slight differentiation of Occam’s razor, but he didn’t tell me that when i was growing up.

Images captured with D2Hs, 17-55, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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