Yep it’s a sunset


Since i came to Bozeman all those glorious years ago, i have tried to find good places for shooting sunset that are close by, close being within an hour distance, and have a good vantage point. Well, i haven’t. Every shot i have taken so far for sunset in and around Bozeman has basically been from the side of the road. The real annoyance is that most of the land around the town is private property, those signs are truly agitating. This past weekend was no different.


I went out as usual before the light got good trying to find a place to shoot. I first went up to Hyalite Canyon where i have had some luck in the past. It was not the spot. So in the usaul fashion, i went down a road that i had not been down before. Sunset was looming towards me and i was running out of time. Literally the sun went down in half an hour. I pulled over, got the camera out and started shoot. to my great surprise the light actually worked perfectly to my favor right there by the road. It was nice being in the right spot and the right time for a change. Now where’s the howling wolf!

Images captured with D3, 17-55, 70-300AF-S vr,on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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