The worm seeker


One of the birds i enjoyed working with the most on the beach was the Black-bellied Plover. Now if you’re like me and was wondering why this is called the Black-bellied Plover even though it didn’t have a black belly, then you’re not alone. When i got home and looked up i found that is was only the adult breeding males that have the distinct black belly. The things you learn when you’re out in the field.


One particular individual, the one above who is different then the first plover shot, walked along the inner tide/mud pool in search of worms. What he’s doing is watching for the little air bubbles made by the worms. When he sees some of the bubbles he quickly goes over and snatches it. The worm itself is a long black disgusting looking thing that the plover will actually wash off before consuming. It’s kinda funny seeing him flick it back and forth cleaning it.


In case you were wondering why these are both butt shots, well it’s simple really. This little guy kept walking along the mud away from me, so i had to keep walking towards it. Little by little, getting a shot in here and there. There wasn’t any portrait or frontal shot to be had so i waited for him to turn his head for a more interesting shot. The butt shot also works well here because of all that detail and color on its back feathers. Just another angle to work.

Images captured with D3, 600f4, TC-14e, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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