Flying in the high heavens


For the first time in many years i was enjoying being in an airplane. Flying high in the clouds, with 200mph of wind going by my face and the camera pixels being burned away, what better sensation is there. Dad had a rather unique project that i can’t talk about but it involved getting to go up into a T6 WWII Trainer plane and do air to air photography. Dad is in the Silver T6, you can see him in the back taking pictures of me, I’m in a yellow T6. Aviation photography takes on a whole other form in this essence. I can remember my Dad when he first took me to the Reno Air Races Pylon Racing Seminar, basically the practice runs  in June, saying to me, “if you get hooked it’s not my fault,” and now here he is getting me hooked on air to air photography. Two hours in the air and it wasn’t even close to enough!

Images captured with D3s, 70-300 AF-S VR, on Lexar UDMA Digital

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