Extra, Extra! The kids didn’t get Dads memo about getting close

I know it’s kinda of an odd tittle but i was thinking about Dad’s blog when i was photographing these 3 bull elk youngsters and i just couldn’t stop myself. I thought some explanation was in order. Over the years of driving through the park I’ve gotten pretty good about knowing when to be where at what time. Sure the chance of running into the unforeseen wolf or bobcat “could” happen but that’s always the gamble. There was 2 hours of light left, and the skies above the north entrance cliffs were looking great. I was having not so great luck in the rest of the park so i headed down towards the sheep in search of them yet again. Much to my surprise they weren’t there. They must just be all shot out for a while. Then pops out this guy by the road. Just a young Bull Elk munching on some grasses. He has nice light on him but in a not so great spot. Well there is a big parking lot 30 feet away so i figured okay lets have some fun.

I get out the equipment, setup the big guy, 600f4 on the tripod. I was looking at him,the background and the light on him, and was thinking cool this is starting look like a good elk and landscape shot. Well he just looks at me and looks over at the gully behind him, when two more youngsters pop out. Even better, more kids to play with! An hour of light and three subjects. Well wouldn’t you know they all decide to walk straight towards me, and I’m watching and backing up with the tripod cursing under my breath as they got within a couple feet of me. Here comes three Bull Elk right at me, Ranger drives by me from behind, and I’m just thinking huh i guess they didn’t read the blog  about approaching wildlife. Lol, I found this somewhat amusing but knowing simple biology, like their ears being forward, i knew they were happy and didn’t care about me. Big difference of course between approaching wildlife like he talked about and having them approach me but still the timing made me chuckle. I didn’t get any shots other than portrait shots but it was fun nonetheless.

Images captured by D3, 600f4, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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