From Blizzard to the Beach

I’m down in Florida this week spending my spring break on another of Dad’s base camp’s. Nice way to get of Montana actually. Spring Break in Florida, not bad. I can’t complain the sun and sand are really quite nice. The focus of the week are birds, of course my friends back at school didn’t understand that when i told them that i was leaving but that’s okay. This morning we kicked it off with a shoot at one of the local beaches and some of the local birds.

These two are a pair of Laughing Gulls, above, and a Willet, below. I like working with both of them even though i have not spent much time working with either of them. The gulls always provide with an interesting time just their odd ball antics are fun to watch and the Willets are unique in there strutting around behavior. The morning was causl getting people setup and used to bird photography afterward it’s classroom time and more shooting. Wanted to get this up though.

Images captured with D3, 600f4, Tc-14e on Lexard UDMA Digital Film

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