Black Beach Rising

Well I already got a day behind in blogging, that happens on these events. The lack of sleep from just early shoots gets to you, but that’s part of capturing those shoots that make it so forth while. Yesterday morning we worked one of Dad’s favorite spots that had a truly unique bird, the Black Skimmer. These guys are kinda goofy. Not only our their designed funny with the upper one being shorter than the lower one, but when they are on a beach or spit they will sit in a group and every few minutes getup and fly away an then land in roughly the same spot as they were just in.

The behavior is rather unusual but fun to watch and great for images because we were able to get flight shots and ground shots of the birds. Now they are skiddish if approached to quickly or if too close. This wasn’t a problem because between us and them was a lot of mud and we weren’t getting muddy that day. Only down side was we lost the light as soon as we got there and had brief windows of its beauty. That happens, and what to we do when that happens. Keep on shooting, nothing else we can do. I did learn that getting flight shots with a hundred birds in the air is tough. Clipping wings and heads is just too easy and really unappealing. Just one more thing to work on for next time.

Images capture with D3, 600f4, Tc-14e, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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