The Pickings of the Desert, the Treasures left behind

Ah the junkyard, what a magical place filled the past memories of a lost age. It’s just a cove of images waiting to be picked through with a little time and patience. The great thing about junkyards is that every state not only has one, but each one seems to have it’s own unique type or some special variant. We went to Cisco which when we got there and looked around was apparently by the side of a road in the middle of nowhere. It was an appropriate, o let the fun begin!

[swf], 406, 589 [/swf]

It was a blue sky day with clouds on the horizon, plenty of time to skitter around. It was a unique town, funny thing was people live there still. There were these two objects that caught my attention more than most. The top is the back of an truck or tanker car i think. Well it had this needle and gauge on it that i found just interesting. The combination of it with the texture was like it was pointing at the years of degrading material as it went by. The bottom was an old soda machine that with a message in the bottom that was pointed out to me later. It showed more character than the Seven up machine, both were intriguing. Never can tell what you’ll find.

[swf], 406, 589 [/swf]

Images captured with D3, 24-70 AF-S

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