Back up to speed

What a week! From Texas to PRS and the transition has blown my mind. As I’m writing this i can hear the planes buzzing around the airfield outside. I can hear it right now, why am i not shooting the planes? Well after two days of shooting, no blogging and about 3000 unedited images to get through i figured i should get a little caught up. Plus seeing a kingbird yesterday made me want to write about seeing them down in Texas.

The funny things about the blinds is that everyone there was under the conception that we were shooting nothing but birds. It wasn’t until we went to Pondito blind, Steve named it, and a lull came that they began shooting the frogs. Great little frogs, the Leopard frogs, colorful and slow. They hold still and were close so we could play with them all day if so desired. It wasn’t, but the option was there.

Then there was this guy, he was a bit harder to deal with. The Curved-Billed Thrasher whose soul purpose in life is too dash in and out of the frame making it challenging for us photographers. Thankfully they are deemed common birds and seem to pop up a lot so we get a lot of opportunities with them. Got to love that bill and those great bright eyes. More to come but back to the planes!

Images captured with D3, 600f4, TC-14e on the birds, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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