Getting to Fly in Good Fortune

Wow! Yesterday was one of those days when i was glad i had my eyes open and my trigger figure at the ready. For a long time Dad and I have been pursuing aviation photography, and our good friend Denis has a lovely HU16A Albatross that was dying to be photographed. This thing is massive, huge, and is designed for search and rescue to replace the PBY’s after WWII. Well we thought we were just going to go up and see it take off and set down, but o no we got to ride it in! Wow! Up to Lake Tahoe to scare the locals it was a blast, especially hanging out the “shooting window” as they call it.

[swf], 585, 435 [/swf]

We set down on the lake on it’s gorgeous blue water and no sooner then we do, we take off and do it all over again. We were doing touch and goes about 4 or 5 times for practice for Peter another great pilot. Dad and I are just hanging out the back blasting away with our wide angles on, he’s got the 16 and I’m using the 14-24. Of course the two of us are holding on to the camera bodies with dear life because we were unaware of this and had no straps on. That would’ve been sad fall…the card with all the images would’ve gone too. It was probably one of the best flights i have ever been on and all i did was look out the window.

[swf], 585, 435 [/swf]

Images captured with Nikon D3, AF-S 14-24, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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