The Albatross

For the last few days i have been playing with one of the images i took of the Albatross, among other things going on. These type of static shots i tend to get drawn to because of the seeming mystery left to the plane. I can recall watching movies where all they show is that front view and nothing of the tail or fuselage. With this particular plane the one thing stuck out in mind when shooting was nothing actually nothing about the plane itself but about The Rime of the Ancient Mariner i had to memorize and recite in high school. Where 200 sailors were cursed for shooting an albatross and the journey it took for them to get home. As we skimmed the water of Lake Tahoe, looking down at the plane’s reflection and the water that flew inside from the touch and goes, i kept that rime in my head.

[swf], 585, 435 [/swf]

Image captured with D3, 24-70 AF-S Vr, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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