Printing Fun

Lately I’ve been doing some printing, had to get some prints out and a submission done. Well what better way then with Dad’s new Epson 4900. It’s one big printer compared to the 3800. Kinda fun seeing it in his office out stretching the table it was on. Have to admit though it does a great job, compared to the 3800 which I’m more used to working with. Not to say that the 3800 isn’t a good printer, just older technology.

[swf] 4900.swf, 503, 337[/swf]

One of the big differences i noticed was in black & white printing. The detail that came out along with the range of blacks to white was incredible. This was one of the images printed up and it turned out great. The beams popped out just like on the monitor. Just had to remember to check that little box in the settings, hehe those small details.

[swf], 585, 434[/swf]

Of course there is also the speed factor which is great when making a lot of contact sheets for a submission. More speed means more time for other things. Like playing with those high flying planes.

[swf], 585, 435[/swf]

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