Cleaning up the Mess

You know you’re bored and in need of a good shoot when your stuck at the computer cleaning up gallery images and renaming files. It’s always a fun process making sure everything is where it needs to be after several projects. That’s been the fun for a while, especially with aviation images. I have been using a DAM program Digital Pro to file and rename my jpegs and nefs from my travel drives to my externals. It does a great job but for psd’s and tiffs bridge works better. At least for my purposes it works. It seems like finding a filing order is much more difficult then with critters. A species is a species, but a P-51 is just a P-51. There are certain ones, owned by certain people, flown at certain locations, so how to condense it all? Gotta to do it now to otherwise it’ll just get worse. That seems to hold true for many things. Hurray for ipods, otherwise i’d get bored starring at the files.

[swf] Snip.swf, 585, 311[/swf]

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