Christmas Joy!

O boy a new addition to the camera bag! I do love these little guys, the Nikon teleconverters. These items are great tools, i can’t live without mine. For years I’ve been using a TC-14eII which is great combined with my 600 f4. The 2x converter doubles the focal length making the need to get closer to more shy critters less important, because there are the times when you just can’t get that close. A lot of those times happen to be with birds, not normally with large game. This is the newer TC-20eIII a nice upgrade from the TC-20eII, one of the big difference is the physical size, this one is much shorter. Smaller unit, taking up less space in the bag, and still very sharp. I can’t wait to get out in the field with it.

[swf], 335, 285[/swf]

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