Ah Good and Steamy

A couple days ago we had a little adventure at Fountain Paint Pots. As already blogged the scenery was yet again magnificent at the geyser basin. On the opposite side of the basin as we headed up the road towards the Madison, we stopped to look back at the Bison that were in the steam vents munching and staying warm. The light was on the backside of the big guys meaning that the only shot would be of them back lit. This was a good thing because Bison silhouettes are actually kinda cool. Then of course many large game in back lit can be really cool. The main group was in the middle and over the course of an hour they slowly spread out as they were making their way across the hill munching.

As it appears i spent a bit of time working with solo Bison. One here, one there, whenever there was a lone Bison working on a batch of grass. The look of a Big Bull trudging through the steam has always been a shot that i wanted. It’s just that powerful feel of the Bison’s silhouette and the brightness of the steam that i think is cool. I mean they can do that without sunglasses, one look at the snow and i get a headache. It’s just not fair.

On the other side of the road where everything was front lit, one lone Bison walked across the road to be in another thermal and munch. A good looking guy not a big boy but still good size. Behind him was a lot of junk, fallen trees, shrubs, bison biscuits, the usual stuff that isn’t really great to incorporate. Well any direction that you went that would be the background, so instead of trying to get a clean background by moving it proved better to wait for a big puff of steam to go behind the Bison. Nothing tricky just gotta be patient. Still want that one shot but this was definitely a great shoot.

Images captured with Nikon D3, AF-S Nikkor 600mm f4, TC-20e III, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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