Down in San Diego

For some time now I have been working in the realm of aviation photography, which is rather different then working in wildlife photography. Not only has it been a fun journey so far but it has also helped my photography come along to a higher level of quality. Now for the first time i get to go to the ISAP symposium. The International Society for Aviation Photographers is a great group of people whose soul purpose is too inspire and help current and future photographers become not only better in their craft but also to help preserve the aircraft we photograph by making them known to the general public. It’s truly a great organization for anyone that is trying to get into aviation photography or anyone wanting more information about the field. That’s probably going to be the best part of these next couple of days, the amount of info present which practically guarantees that there is something to be learned.

Now i say practically because there is never a guarantee in photography for a better things only a hope. It’s very exciting to be amongst such photographers as Paul Bowen, Jessica Ambat, Tyson Rininger, Richard Vandermuelen, David Leininger and so so many more that i can’t fit that many links in one post. The hardest part for these next two days is remembering everyone’s name. I look forward to what else is too come and so should you.

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