What kind of Waterfowl is That?

It’s hard not to make a few jokes or even puns when referring to a plane named “the Duck.” I have to wonder why it was called the Duck considering there is little physical similarities. The aircraft is a very cool design. It was meant for sea rescues, bale to hold up to four people down below, as well as the pilot and rear spotter. The really cool thing abut the plane is it’s ability to takeoff in a very short distance while on the water. Land is another story. Seeing one of these land on a runway is quite a thing. Seeing those little wheels touch down with just barely enough space left for the foot not to hit the ground is impressive. We were very fortunate to be able to photograph this particular Duck at Fantasy of Flight a few months back during Dad’s Air to Air workshop. This was one of the first amphibious planes we photographed hopefully not the last.

[swf]http://www.jakepeterson.org/swf_imgs/AVFOFFT0715.swf, 585, 435[/swf]
Grumman Duck
Images captured with Nikon D3, AF-S 70-300 VR, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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