Why Spend the Time Processing?

It’s the one thing that is not only the most time consuming but also the most important to keep up on. What is it I am talking about you may ask? Well frankly it’s post processing. Yea if you’re of feint of heart then you might want to leave now. It certainly can be the least enjoyable part of shoot, being stuck at your desk looking through hundreds of images, deciding which ones to work on. If you’re like me, than you know that just one isn’t enough. You got to process more and more looking for that perfect one, and at times it can be tedious. So why then is there a need to fill up the galleries?

For me the answer is quite simple. With all the thousands of images in the files, finding the one that works the best for a show, an article, or submission isn’t easy. That’s why some are marked with that red band, it’s easy to pull up just those in DigitalPro. But this isn’t about software. No, the real reason to have everything processed is to be professional. All the time spent getting the image why not spend the time afterward. You owe it to the subject to be the best image possible. Sure it takes about a lot of hard-drive space having big galleries of finished images but you know that’s just comes with the territory. Then of course there is one thing that makes every photographer happy, getting that call or email from an editor saying. “do you have such and such image?” They’re on a tight deadline, how much time are you going to spend looking for that image if it’s not processed? It’s got to be something you’re ready for. So this Holiday season if you’re finding yourself with some extra time, go back and get some of those older images taken care of. It’s not to shabby sitting by the fire, playing with images, and watching a good movie.

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