Flying Over the Desert

To start off the New Year I wanted to do something more fun. For the first time on this blog a video has been posted. This video was shot last week at CAF Arizona while Dad and I were doing our Super Corsair Flight. The Video was shot with a P7000 mounted to the hot shoe of my D3 with a Manfrotto 494 Mini Ball Head. With this setup I can be shooting stills while also recording video. However there are some challenges in the process.

During the flight i was second seat in the A36 Bonanza, so in order for me to shoot I had to look around Dad’s head. In the video you can tell that as well as see the sides of the A36. There are times when it would’ve been wise to go tighter but overall it was better to go wide in order to get more footage. In case any of you are wondering why one prop is rotating faster than the other, it’s because #74 is using more RPM’s and therefore rotating faster. The faster the prop turns the faster shutter speed you can get away with. Anyways it was a fun flight that i thought others should see.

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