Where Does Life Take Us?

Recently I met someone that told me they had never been as far West as Montana before. The sight of the mountains here were almost overwhelming for him. Now this kind of got me thinking about those that don’t get to travel a lot or how much I get to. Living here in Bozeman I’m always surprised to here from people that they have never traveled further away than Idaho or Wyoming. It’s almost as if being here is like being in isolation. For myself I find it damn enjoyable to get away from everything else but still see the world around me. I am constantly reminded, and so should every photographer that spends time on the road, just how fortunate I am.

Watching sunrise over Mono Lake

The magic of sunrise at Yosemite Falls in Winter

Discovering the Grand Canyon on Kauai

Maybe just the backyard

A rainstorm blowing through the desert.

Or even winter in one of the most solitude of places.

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