Night Shooting Around Town

One of the really cool things about this Photoshop World was that, our hotel was only a few blocks away from the National Mall. Which meant that whenever there was some down time anyone could walk over or take a cab real inexpensively to go see the monuments, museums, or memorials. On the last night of the event, I went out with the folks and a couple of good friends and we went over to the Lincoln Memorial to do some night shooting. Now the last time I was some this memorial I was kid and it was big then. Now… it still seems big.

Amazingly enough the crowds, which are definitely smaller at night and thus even more in the early morning, are still quite large at 10:00pm. It was well worth the trip over to see this great place. It still amazes me how it was built so long ago and still remains. The photography wasn’t bad either.

In the Camera Bag:
Nikon D3, AF-S 24-70 F/2.8, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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