Travelling Necessities

The one nightmare that every photographer has is the safety of their camera equipment when flying commercial. We have all heard the stories of just how bad things can be. With some necessary precautions and logical thinking most unpleasantness can be avoided. I just got back from a trip and every plane I flew on I had to Gate Check my camera bag. I never like doing that but it’s the way it is. With my ThinkTank V2.0 International bag I never worry about it. I’ll tell you why.

As I was flying back home the other day I watched as they loaded the plane. I always like getting a window so that i can watch the plane get loaded. It’s a little piece of mind when you see your bags get loaded. Well I watched as the guys on the ground through my ThinkTank up on the conveyor belt to get loaded. Even with the fragile sticker on it, it still gets thrown around. After looking through everything this morning I found nothing wrong. 2 camera bodies, four lenses including a 200-400VR and a number of accessories with no issues, that is how good these bags are. If you haven’t tried one yet I suggest you do and for those who already know about them, check out their smaller bags, Airport Airstream, perfect for the overhead of just about any plane.

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