Taking Flight

I knew since i was a little kid that my brother was smarter than me, it’s nothing personnel it’s just the way it is. I was always more into the outdoors, creative, whatever side but he was always more of the technically, understood computers and the codes behind how everything works side. When we were younger we would a play Xbox and I would always go through the main quest but he would always go through the code and make the background in the games. Well he took that knowledge and applied it the app world.

After already making a very successful and knowledgeable BTJ app for my Dad he has gone on to create the first Aviation Photography Book. The entire book is about the challenges and rewards of photographing airplanes. From the basics of camera gear and computer processing techniques to the challenges of gaining the trust of the pilots and owners to go on to do some of the coolest things ever with airplanes. If you aren’t interested in this app yet well, head to Moose’s site and see for your self. If you are intrigued then head to the Itunes store and search for either Moose Peterson, Brent Peterson or the book title Taking Flight. It’s worth your time!

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