A New Cleaning Kit!

I love new toys! I know everyone is saying, “Yea who doesn’t.” Well want to talk about this one because it’s not just a toy it’s a tool and a very important tool at that. Every photographer has a cleaning kit and in that kit is the tools they need to keep that camera doing exactly want it always needs to be doing, shooting. For years now i have been Visible Dust products and I love them but there was one thing i didn’t like about them, the swabs. I go through lots of swabs because I’m not the greatest using them and i always want that censor to be perfect. Well Copperhill was the solution and here’s why.

The swabs are cheap, in a good way. They use a very clever design of putting a cleaning cloth on a handle which is held on by a white sticker. Now as long as you don’t touch the center of that cloth, it’s perfectly clean. You use it, remove it and put another one on. It’s a really good system. It’s simple, safe and eco friendly. The best part is when you order the basic kit or the lens cleaning kit, both are good, you get a shit load of those cloth swabs. Economics is always a big role in photography and this one is critical. It’s overlooked but when you think about it, ho good is the newest piece of equipment if you don’t keep it clean?

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