The Best Way to Protect Your Images Online

There is no way to be a photographer without showing your images on the internet. That is the plane fact of photography. Social Media and Web Services are not only the best ways to expand business but also to gain business. The question and the challenge that arises is always how to protect the images you put out there for everyone to see? Well the honest truth is you can’t. IF someone wants an image badly enough they will find a way around any safe guard you put up for your images. That’s the honest truth. Now that isn’t to say that it isn’t easier to take an image if it’s a jpeg and you can just right click on it. Well half the battle is trying to prevent it and the other half is finding those that did.

That’s why I use Digimarc. I spend time working with online publications that I know are beneficial to my business and with those I use Digimarc. It’s safe, reliable and doesn’t cause problems on either end. I also send out a number of images to people I have worked with through emails, mostly jpegs. Well needless to say i like to know where they get used if ever. Digimarc does a great job with that. Each image has it’s own unique code which is viewable through an account you set up with them. Their services allow you to track that number through the internet without having to download any software. It’s really cool and really affordable. If you don’t believe me go check them out.

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