A Great Strap to Get the Job Done

When it comes to camera gear everyone seems to have there own likes and dislikes. Sometimes there are products that are better that you just don’t know about. That happens to me quite often. When I’m out shooting airshows or other major events requiring me to walk a lot while carrying lots of gear i tend to have a simple system. A shoulder bag adjusted to be a backpack and a 200-400 on a body attached to a SunSniper Strap.

At the Reno Air Races I saw lots of photographers wearing different straps and spent some time talking about the variants. It’s kind of a Reno tradition to talk about the different carrying systems, whose is better and whose is not. Out of all the fancy systems out there this one works pretty well. I’m not worried about the strap breaking due to the metal cable inside and with the screw on lock it makes it real simple to attach to any camera body or lens with a plate. The biggest thing for me has always been about comfort. I carry about 20lbs of gear with me in my backpack when i go out so that when i go out I don’t have to go back to my main bag if i forget something. Included in that is the 200-400 which is on the strap. That’s another 10lbs. Thankfully the pad on the strap is a good one. Comfort, security and practically everything that is most useful when out in the field.

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