It’s all about the light

As i talked yesterday about subject it seemed only fitting today to talk about light. This fascinating area changes everything that we do. As it’s Winter here which usually means that the skies are always filled with grey clouds and the light is quite often flat, the goal is always to find those pockets where the light spills through.

As the light spills through it creates what we so affectionately know as god beams, creating a beautiful mosaic of light and dark space across the landscape. This of course is Westgard Pass just inside California. Sectional light is one of the most powerful.

Sometimes something as small as a leaf with only the slightest amount of light on it is enough to illuminate it form the surrounding area during the fall season.

Then again there is nothing more romantic or heart warming then seeing that beautiful sunset that tends to fill the sky with color. Where some places remain dark and the rest light up as it is touched by the sun light as it goes down over the mountains creates the mystery of the land. All of this happens because of light. Our goal is not only to chase it but capture it.

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