Winter Takes a Toll on the House Around Here

One of the interesting features of the west is the amount of houses and buildings that over time have been abandoned and nature has taken it’s toll on them. I often wonder when I see one of these buildings what the story behind it is? Who lived there? Why did they leave? Why build in that place to begin with? I never seem to find any answers but there are always images present.

I saw this house and off to one side along the driveway was this exterior building. Not sure what it is for but it intrigued me nonetheless. When I captured the image I thought it would good as is but when I got back to the computer I started playing with SilverEfex Pro 2 and something in the snow on the driveway made me leave the image as a Black and White. It just goes to show that not always having a clear intent in mind when you take the image is a bad thing.

In the Camera Bag:
Nikon D3, 70-200 VRII, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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