A Higher Call

As I have progressed into Aviation Photography, it has become important to learn more and more about the history of these planes. Thankfully someone decided a long time ago to start writing down the stories about these boys and what they went through, that way one day the rest of the world could know too. However, it’s not as often you run across books that tell the story from the other side of the war.


Back in December I first heard about this book that was supposed to be like nothing else out there. My Dad got it for Christmas and after reading it he was in awe of the book. He texted saying, “I just finished A Higher Call, you need to read it so I bought you a copy.” I can honestly say that once I started reading I didn’t want to stop. Although I could have finished in a day I spread it out over a couple of weeks, savoring every word. A Higher Call is about a German Fighter Pilot who led a very interesting life in WWII. He tells his story of how he was fighting for the people and not the leaders. If you ever thought that all Germans were bad in that time, then you should read this book. It’s not like any other. When my friends ask me what I have been reading and I say aviation history, they always ask if any of its interesting. Although most of the books I can’t suggest because they aren’t for everyone’s taste; too many numbers, stats, and dates, I do recommend Unbroken by Laura Hillendbrand and now A Higher Call by Adam Makos.

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