Gotta Keep Upgrading

It’s the one curse or thrill depending on who you are, of photography to always have to upgrade your system. It’s an interesting field when you think about it. A photographer is not only judged on how good their images are but also how well they keep up with the times and current swing of technology. Granted better gear provides more options when it comes to capturing, processing and storing images but it still amazes me how much this passion, or business, is dependent on that technical knowledge.

Buffalo Terastation

This past week I have had to succumb to this change again by upgrading external hard drives. It’s always a double edged sword, got to shoot more to keep the business going, but then have to have the space to store it all. Aviation being the primary aspect I’m shooting these days is taking up a lot of space. It was time. The one nice thing about it all is once the hard drive is set up it’s just copy and go. The computer does it’s thing and I just do mine. Got to love those Terastations.

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