Veterans Weekend Day 1

It’s Veterans weekend, a time that we all should acknowledge for those that have served this country to provided the freedoms that we enjoy today. There are many men and women out there that deserve our gratitude more then one blog post can express. This first one if to a few gentlemen that I had the honor of meeting just a couple of weeks ago, George, Charles and Alex, all three of them Tuskegee Airmen. Known as the “Red Tails” these men were part of the African American group of fighter pilots that fought the air war in Europe. Flying in their P-51C Mustang’s they would go out with the bomber stream protecting their big buddies as top cover. Being able to talk to these guys was like going back in time. It was a totally different world for them as to what we have now and their stories reflect that. Truly the greatest perk of being an aviation photographer is meeting folks like these.




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