Holiday Print Sale

Hey there folks. I thought I would try something this year that I haven’t tried in the past. For the first time, I’m going to do a holiday print sale. 30% off all print sizes, shipping and handling included. This sale is going to go on all this week and will be finished at midnight on Friday, the 20th. Also going on this week, I am selling off 9 metal 16×20 prints at a special low rate of $295, shipping and handling included. These were leftover inventory from our print booth at the Reno Air Races. All are brand new in their boxes ready to ship. The 9 images below are the metal prints I have available at this time, however if you are interested in getting any image on the site printed on metal that can be done as well at a higher price.

If you have any questions about images or print sizes you can email me. My list of print sizes and costs can be found here. The discount has not been added in on those prices yet. If you need material to peruse through you can check out the galleries here.

If you’re interested just email me the file name under each image.


T6 Texan AVCAFF4178


P-51C Mustang AVFOFFT0537


TP-40 Warhawk AVFOFFT0855


TP-40 Warhawk AVFOFSC2037


Stinson L5 AVOSHSC0299b


F2G-2 Super Corsair AVRARSC3728


Precious Metal AVRARSC5930


P-51D Mustang AVRARUD0064


Hawker Sea Fury Sawbones AVRARUD2286

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