When you don’t get that image

Don’t be alarmed, what you are seeing is not a glitch. What should be here in the post is a beautiful image that was taken over this past weekend. At least that’s what the goal should be. In reality this is what normally happens. Zilcho. We all have the best intentions of going out and finding that great click. But as we all know that doesn’t always happen. Getting skunked is part of the game and there is nothing that can be done about it. The question comes to what do you do when that happens?

blank image

Granted it is a little discouraging when you go out hoping for that one image, you put your time in and end up with nothing. The choice ends up being whether you keep trying of go home. In all honesty there is some good sense in both. The other day it a beautiful sunny bald sky day with a nice high temp. It kind of sucked for photography. No clouds, no critters and nothing of interest. After a fun afternoon of driving around I eventually headed back home. It was a good day to be out but nothing to show for it. Would it have been better to stay home and work on the computer? Nope. Even if you don’t get that magical image it’s still great for the mind and soul to get out of the office once in a while. There is always time for more computer work but there is never enough time to get out shooting.

In the Camera Bag:
Patience, Imagination and Creativity

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