Does Size Really Matter?

Great title right? it seemed appropriate considering the subject matter. It seems like every event I go to I always hear about other photographers trying to get closer to the subject in order to fill the frame. I always wonder about this. Yea it’s great to get that portrait shot that fills the frame but it seems to leave a lot on the table when trying to cover the whole story. Take this F8F Bearcat for example. It was a high a performance fighter used during land and carrier operations in the Pacific during WWII. It’s known for not only being really fast but also being tough. That’s the attitude that has to be conveyed. Although I couldn’t get physically any closer and using the 200-400 VR, there wasn’t much else that could’ve been done but thanks to the clouds behind it and leaving a little space for the plane to travel through the image, the mind instantly puts the speed and power to the plane. Bigger in the frame might be more esthetically pleasing but not necessary.


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