Scouting out those Spring Hot Spots

It still amazes me how fast the weather can change here in Montana. After the huge storm that we had last weekend, it almost feels like spring this weekend. All that snow that came in has already melted away in the valley and the grass is starting to show. The flocks of Geese are moving through more often and sounds of birds chirping away is a welcome greeting in the mornings. Spring is slowly starting to come our way.


With Spring on its way, now is a good time to start looking at possible areas for bird photography. For those of you that live in big migratory areas then you know it’s important to be checking on the reports and mapping out possible locations to for shooting. Just the other day I was out cruising, not really going anywhere but luckily found a new area with great Cattails and a good pond. It’s somewhere new with just a handful of Mallards but given some time it might turn out to be a good spot to go back to. Pre-planning is a really important with wildlife photography. Knowing when and where the critters “should be” helps increase those odds of getting that shot.

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