Using Snow as a Fill Light

When it comes to Wildlife photography there isn’t always an option when it comes to lighting the subject. Often times it’s a matter of holding still and letting the critter do as it pleases. That’s where knowing your biology really comes into play. Knowing what that critter will do and how it will behave can help get that image when the time comes. Well, I have spent a lot of time working around big game, it kind of comes naturally living in Montana, and one of the best and worst times to work with them is in Winter.


Winter time shooting can be one of the harshest times to shoot because of the extra light or lack of light. On Sunny days harsh light can be an understatement as the snow acts as a fill light on everything. It can be also a blessing when working with a dark critter like this Bison. Seeing how it’s back lit there really shouldn’t be any detail in the fur or face but the snow is acting like a reflector bouncing light in. With the D4 and 200-400 VR, all it takes is simple tracking along the path the other Bison have made to know where this one is going. On the other hand when it’s cloudy act that snow just becomes a grey blob that really isn’t that desirable. Keep in mind the trick is not only using the snow for light but also as a good background.

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